UNWIND is an interactive installation that aims to promote a sense of calmness whilst the user is continuously interacting with the piece by sending data as OSC messages through TouchOSC.

The graphics in UNWIND are controlled by different parameters set up on TouchOSC. Besides altering the size, width, height, and other parameters, I included an option to let the external sound change the ratio of the spheres, for instance. In the demo video I used the sound of a singing bowl, commonly associated with a state of meditation and relaxation, to modify the graphics on the screen. When the loudness of the singing bowl increases, so does the width ratio of the spheres.

I was inspired by elements from nature, such as images of Siphonophore (the longest organism in the planet) and the blue lava of Indonesia's Kawah Ijen volcano. The colours in UNWIND range from purple to dark blue, which evokes a sensation of relaxation and stillness associated with the twilight hour, just before sunrise and sunset.

This project was developed in openFrameworks using the ofxOSC library and the TouchOSC iOS app. The graphics are formed by two layers which are connected through lines, which are formed by a ‘start’ and ‘end’ point. I set up a new template GUI on TouchOSC and customised it to have only the controllers I wanted so that the graphics were affected by the commands sent. 

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