FRAGMENTS is a projection-mapped piece inspired by geometric patterns and shapes. Projected onto an Olga kit, moving lines appear to be fragmented into the depths of the squared shape.

Fragments was coded on openFrameworks using C++ and the piMapper addon. The project has four scenes. The first scene moves slow from a white outline to a smaller yellow triangle whose vertices are connected by yellow lines. Over time, the triangle rotates on the x-axis which gives another dimension to the overall shape as we look at it from different angles (shown on the video documentation). The lines eventually change colour from yellow to blue and afterwards it rotates on the y-axis, thus giving again a new depth element to the shape. The second scene is composed by moving blue lines on the y-axis and its colour is controlled by a sine wave, which gives it a “wave” of different tones of blue. Eventually the lines disappear and are replaced by two small yellow triangles rotating in opposite coordinates at the centre of the triangle. They rotate on the x-axis over time, therefore at some point their vertices “connect” with the vertices of the nearby triangles. The third scene also contains lines but here they move on the x-axis and the red colour is also controlled by a sine wave. When the moving lines disappear, white lines connecting the outlines and the centre of the triangle become connected to the triangles on the respective sides over time, thus giving an effect of connectedness within all the triangles. The last scene is mainly composed by blue-purple circles whose size increases over time and their colour varies from purple to blue. 

My work was visually inspired by artists such as Frank Stella and James Turrell - Turrel’s striped paintings and Stella’s studies with the materiality of light served as a starting point for the conceptualisation of the sketches. 

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